FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does DrunkBlocker cost anything?

No DrunkBlocker is free to download and use on your mobil phone (Accessing the web may cost depending on your operator)

Who is developing DrunkBlocker and Why?

DrunkBlocker is developed by me Oscar Andersson as a spare time project. I like to have personal projects that I can work on occasionally. With the Android platform I got the chanse to write my first Mobile app, hope you like it!

I found a bug in DrunkBlocker what to do?

Plase report it using this feedback form.

I am trying to call my mom but every time DrunkBlocker abort the call?

Here is a check list with posible causes:

  • You are drunk and should not call your mom until you are sober. If that is the case Drunkblocker is doing its job
  • The current time is still within the timeperiod. Open DrunkBlocker and change it.
  • Unmark your mom as blocked in the block list
  • Stop DrunkBlocker by passing the sober test.

Why dosen't Drunkblocker block text messages!

Many DrunkBlocker users ask this question and the answer is that currently there are some limitations in the Android framework that does not allow me to access certain parts of the system that is needed to block outgoing text messages. As soon as it is possible to access this or if I find a workaround it will be implemented as a new blocking feature in DrunkBlocker. Stay tuned!

Does the drunkblocker app also stop chosen contacts from calling you?

No chosen contacts can still call you. Drunkblocker only stop you from drunk dailing them