DrunkBlocker - Get Started

Follow this tutorial to setup and use DrunkBlocker on your phone.

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Start the DrunkBlocker Application by selecting the DrunkBlocker beer icon (see picture 1)



The dialog that you see now is the main screen in DrunkBlocker. (see picture 2).



To acess this Get Started tutorial from your phone click on the "Information" button.(see picture 3).



To set the time period when DrunkBlocker should be active you click on the Set Time button (see picture 4)



The select Time period dialog displays the time when DrunkBlocker should start blocking and the time when it stop blocking. To change either time use the Date and Time buttons.(see picture 5). The dialog also calulate the time period duration and how long time it is left until the time period begins.

Tip: Use the menu button to set the time peroid from: Now + 8 hours



The purpose of DrunkBlocker is to prevent you from calling specified numbers. To set these numbers click on the "Block List" Button (see picture 6)



The "Block list" displays all your contacts from the contact list in your phone. Each contact is either available or blocked (see picture 7). To toggle between blocked or available click on the button for each contact.

Tip: You can use the menu button on your phone to block or unblock all contacts.

Tip: You can filter the contact list by writing some characters



To start DrunkBlocker press the "Start the Party" button (see picture 8). This will result in one of three senarios.

  1. The current time is within the specified time period. DrunkBlocker is now blocking. Status = Active
  2. The current time is before the specified time period. DrunkBlocker is now started but not yet Active. It will not block until time period is reached. Status = Started not Active
  3. The current time has passed the specified time period . DrunkBlocker will inform you that a new time period must be specified and will then return to not started mode. Status = Not Started.


You can now exit DrunkBlocker and continue using your phone as usual. If you try to call or message a blocked contact DrunkBlocker will abort this call (see picture 9)



If you try to abort DrunkBlocker while still Active you will be challenged with a sober test (see picture 10). Answer the question and if the answer is correct DrunkBlocker will stop. You can change the sober tests difficulty in the option dialog.



Have fun at the Party, and remember to drink responsibly!!


Best Regards Oscar Andersson