What is DrunkBlocker?

Drunkblocker is a app for your Android mobile that prevent you from Drunk-dialing contacts in your contact list.

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Why do I need this Android app?

You need this app if you want someone to stop you before you make that phone call that you reget the next day. These calls are usually made to former flings, ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, guys or girls that you want to hook up with, etc..and this almost always ends up to be embarassing for the drunk dialer.

What does DrunkBlocker do?

DrunkBlocker will on activation abort calls to specified numbers (selected by you of course) and challange you with a sober test before the call can be performed. DrunkBlocker uses a simple but efficent four step method.

  • Set the time when you plan to start your drinking
  • Set the time when you think you are sober again
  • Select which numbers that should be blocked/allowed during drunk time
  • Start the party!

How do I use it?

To use DrunkBlocker you must have a phone that runs the Android platform. Then you need to download the DrunkBlocker application to your phone. Install it, give it permission to execute and you are ready to go!

Fans & Comments from real users

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Haha! Too funny! The sobriety test is very difficult, even when sober on some of them. I love it and wish i had it years ago. Bravo frickin zulu!
I have been waiting years for this app! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for saving me from myself.
Loveeeee it! I wont call my bf like 100 times. NEEDS txting! Im a drunk txter lol

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